Calvary Church

Lay Leadership

At Calvary, we are deeply committed to the biblical principle of the priesthood of all believers.

We believe that everyone has been diversely gifted by God to meet the needs of the community and share His Grace with everyone. This plays out in our Elder Board’s leadership, and in leadership of all aspects of ministry at Calvary Church by people who call Calvary home.

The Elder Board, a diversely gifted body of about a dozen women and men, is led by a moderator who works with the senior pastor. The Elders are all a part of commissions, or committees, that oversee various activities in the church body—including Body Life, Worship and Building Activities. The Elder Board guides change and growth, oversees the activity of Calvary’s paid staff, and assures the annual budget, approved by the membership, is followed.

2017 Elder Board

Julie Curtis—Chair/Facility & Hospitality/Personnel Committees
Julie has been a member Calvary since 2009. Julie lives in Burnsville with her husband and works in the health care IT industry.

Doug VanderVeen—Co-Chair/Associate Pastor Search Committee
Doug has been at Calvary for 3 years. Doug and his family live in the Whittier neighborhood and works as an engineer in the Twin Cities.

Dan Struck—Finance Officer/Finance Committee
Dan and his wife Kendra Rimmereid have been at Calvary since 2009. Dan and Kendra live in South Minneapolis and Dan works as a teacher.

Carolyn Bredeson—Personnel Committee
Carolyn has been a member of Calvary since 1990. Carolyn has raised her children within this community and works in the Human Service field in the South Minneapolis neighborhood.

Nathan Byars—Facility & Hospitality Committee
Nathan has been a member of Calvary for 18 years. Nathan has worked in the food service industry and his passion is outreach to children and youth. Nathan has just recently returned to living in South Minneapolis.

Angie Hanson-Huff—Facility & Hospitality/Mission & Outreach Committees
Angie has been at Calvary 5 1/2 years. Angie works as an ESL teacher in the immigrant and refugee communities of Minneapolis. Angie loves to read, travel and ride her bicycle.

Susan Fors—Congregation Communication Committee
Susan has been a member of Calvary for 18 years. Susan works in the medical field. Susan enjoys time with her family and friends and being outdoors.

Stephanie Morales—Mission & Outreach/Personnel Committees
Stephanie, her husband and two daughters have been at Calvary 8 years. Stephanie works in the legal field as an immigration attorney. Stephanie enjoys outdoor activities—running, biking, hiking—and spending time with friends and family.

Melody Odum—Mission & Outreach Committee
Melody has been a member of Calvary for 5 years. Melody works in the medical field. Melody is single and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Mohan Perumal—Congregation Communication Committee
Mohan has been a member of Calvary for a few years and he loves being a part of the Calvary community. Mohan is a engineer and works in the hearing aid industry. He enjoys time with his family and friends, running and being outdoors.

Dokka Williamson—Finance/Associate Pastor Search Committees
Dokka has been a member of Calvary for almost 3 years. She enjoys reading, yoga and attending plays and musicals. Dokka and her husband Headley have 3 children—Alexa, Kiera and Isaiah. As a family they appreciate Calvary’s commitment to diversity, acceptance and community engagement.